Rollers, Belting, and Miscellaneous

“The GSE Problem Solvers”

Composite Seat

  • Available as left handed, right handed and armless 
  • UV Resistant, impact resistant 
  • Direct Replacement Install 
  • Fits all standard: Pushbacks, Beltloaders, and Bag Tractors


  • High strength alloy steel 
  • Engineered for reliability 
  • Increased life 
  • Field adjustable

Hitch Extension

  • Hitch Extension for Pushback Tractor


  • No maintenance required 
  • Sealed Bearings

Conveyor Safety Support

  • Conveyor Safety Support for WASP Walk-Behind Belt Loader 
  • Permanently affixed & simple to use

Conveyor Belts

  • Available in custom lengths 
  • Industry standard rubber 
  • 24” width cut to custom length 
  • Pre-spliced 
  • Competitive pricing

Transmission Lifting Bracket

  • Certified Load Rated Transmission Lifting Bracket

Walkover Ramp

  • Ticket Counter Scale replacement Walkover Ramp 
  • Customized to fit each application

400 Hz Straps

  • No maintenance
  • Manufactured to MIL-W-4088 Type 17-1" or 1½ webbing 
  • Fixed or adjustable eye

Electronic Start Switch

  • Works on Diesel and Gasoline Engines 
  • 12 & 24VDC versions available 
  • Extends life of starter 
  • High reliability