Solutions and Capabilities

Hall Industries is a leading provider engineering and manufacturing, across multiple business platforms, to wide array of customers, small and large. Customers range from; Aviation, Bridge, Bulk Material Handling, Construction, Electrical, GSE, Industrial, Medical, Mining, Power Generation, Steel, and Transit.

Manufacturing Solutions

Hall Industries provides exceptional value in contract machining and fabrication by relentlessly pursuing excellence in our people, equipment and technology. Our people are our competitive advantage, and we recognize this through careful hiring, long term retention, and ongoing training. Many of our manufacturing leaders have over 20+ years with Hall Industries. We service customers small and large, manufacturing a diverse array of products using our state-of-the-art machining centers, fabrication work cells and robotic welding cell. We offer CNC swiss screw machining capabilities up to 1”, including multi-axis and live tooling. CNC milling and machining including 3D contouring capabilities using GibbsCAM software. Our 7 screw machines are ready to work for you 24/7 pumping out vast quantities of parts at very competitive pricing. Check out our extensive equipment list to see the extent of our capabilities. We routinely work with castings (steel, cast iron, aluminum), stampings, forgings, sheet metal, plastic injection molded and rubber bonded components to create complete assemblies. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, AISC Simple Bridge certified and are listed in PennDOT bulletin 15.

Aviation GSE Solutions

Hall Industries is an industry leading supplier of Aviation ground support products and services. We are best known as a high quality supplier of towbars for Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier and other aircraft, but we also supply a variety of other GSE products as well as ground support vehicle servicing through our Hall Technical Services group.


Hall Industries towbars are available for just about every plane — from wide body and single aisle, to regional jets and even business jets. We always have a matching towbar in our product range. Our towbars are manufactured in the USA and feature shear pin protection, skydrol resistant paint, roll over protection, jack knife protection and optional hydraulic lift kits and soft start shock absorbing tow eyes. We will build a bar to suit your requirements, from ground up custom designs to customized handles to unique paint jobs and decals.

Pre-Conditioned Air Products

Hall Industries provides premium PCA products, including our aluminum and high strength nylon PCA inlet adapters featuring our legendary rotary cam action latch handle. We are the only company to offer a 1 year warranty on our latch handle castings. A stainless steel mesh screen insert is available to keep debris from entering the aircraft. We supply premium and value PCA and lavatory hose products including spiral wound and layflat to meet a wide variety of site conditions. We offer the lowest maintenance powered PCA hose reels featuring a direct drive motor unit and aluminum and stainless construction for extended service life in harsh conditions. Our hose tube system is available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific requirements.


Hall Industries offers a full range of GSE tires. From our SolidSolver solid jetbridge tires to standard baggage cart tires we have what you need.

Safety Items

Check out our new Conveyor Safety Support designed for WASP walk-behind belt loaders. Never allow your mechanics to work under the conveyer without protection. Our design is a simple bolt on unit that will not go missing and is easy to use. We also offer a step down Conveyor Safety Rail for TUG 660 beltloaders. It features a reduced height handrail at the aircraft end of the belt to clear the engine cowl of regional jets.

Automatic Start Switch

Our most recent offering is targeted at dramatically reducing GSE vehicle maintenance and service costs from overheated starters, busted ring gears, blown engines, blown start switches, dead battery callouts and out of gas/no start callouts. It works by replacing the mechanical start switch rated for ~20,000 cycles with an electronic switch rated for ~1M cycles and a controller module, “the box”, with a microprocessor brain. The box incorporates 4 high-power solid state relays to power vehicle functions and several sensor inputs and switch and warning light interconnects.

By reading a variety of vehicle sensors it performs automatic “pushbutton” starting of the engine. It intelligently starts the vehicle while minimizing wear and tear of the starter by limiting crank time to 5 seconds; preventing starting when engine is already running; enforcing a short “cool-down” period between start attempts; automatically turning off starter when engine start is detected to eliminate starter overrun; preventing cranking when out of gas (optional); and preventing cranking during glow plug/air box heater cycles (optional). It monitors engine oil pressure and coolant temp and will automatically shut down the engine upon detection of a potentially damaging condition after notifying the operator. It saves batteries by shutting down the vehicle after 5 minutes if the engine is not running.

Composite Seat

Replace your wooden GSE Vehicle seats with our new long lasting drop-in replacement composite seat. It lasts longer and never splinters.

Additional Items

Hall Industries offers replacement belt loader rollers to fit all industry standard units. Our new 400 Hz strap features a reliable design and MIL-W-4088 Type 17 — 1” webbing. We offer custom designed walkover ramps for use when removing scales from ticket counters. These have exceptional quality construction and feature simple installation. Custom design is our standard, and we have engineered a built specialized tooling and equipment including a certified transmission lifting bracket, a pushback tractor hitch extension, and greasable parking brake cables. When you ask, Hall responds!

Bridge Products & Services

Hall Industries is a value added supplier of bridge bearings, bridge railings, bridge drainage products (downspouts, scuppers, drains) and sign structures. We are AISC certified Simple Bridge and listed in PennDOT bulletin 15. Our robotic weld cell provides incredible precision, repeatability and low cost to medium/large run fabrications. We work with steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our in-house engineering and design staff stands ready to help engineers and architects achieve their vision while reducing cost to manufacture.

Transit Solutions

Hall Industries is a value added supplier of renewal components and assemblies for a variety of transit vehicles, from light rail to heavy rail. We provide machined components and assemblies such as slack adjusters and connecting links; rubber bonded components; electrical coils; 3rd rail current collection; electrical quick disconnects; and pantographs (including parts for Schunk, GE & Brecknell-Willis). We excel at providing parts and assemblies where the OEM offering is very high cost and/or very long lead times. In many cases we can improve on OEM designs that show premature wear or failure. Call us today and have Hall work on solving your problems.

Engineering & Design / Build Services

Hall Industries Engineering group provides customer focused solutions, from needs analysis and conceptual design to production as well as continuing product support. Our experiences in providing design services and manufacturing support for our GSE, transit and bridge businesses give us a broad foundation in design, CAD, FEA, testing, prototyping, and production technologies. We have experience designing and producing industrial machines, rail handling support equipment, commercial products, and testing equipment that requires integration of multiple technologies, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, control systems, data acquisition, and instrumentation. We utilize the latest 3D CAD tools, including Solidworks 2012, Autodesk Inventor 2010, and Pro/E Wildfire 5. In addition we work in AutoCAD LT and use GibbsCAM to support our CNC manufacturing and ALGOR and Solidworks to perform finite element analysis (FEA). Our engineers have a diverse background including military, robotics, government, architectural, structural and automotive engineering.


Hall Industries has a long history in the architectural area, going back to our Raymond Brass division. We excel at providing a complete solution to your new design, restoration or reproduction, including design consultation all the way through to manufacture and installation. Example projects include the William Penn Canopy, BNY Mellon Trellis and smokers canopy, to residential balcony and hand railings and canopies. We work in steel, stainless steel, brass & bronze, aluminum, glass and specialty materials. We also are a supplier of bronze plaques. When you can’t find it off the shelf, call Hall.