Cable Assemblies

HALL’s modular 400 Hz cable assembly with single jacket high performance six around one cable design provides the finest features in the industry today.

HALL 400Hz Single Jacket Cable Assemblies

From our molded on head with rugged strain relief to our quick change single piece 6 pole replaceable nose, our 400Hz cable assemblies meet today’s challenges. The robust design ensures long life on the ramp and the built in safety features provide an extra level of insurance to protect operators and the aircraft being serviced.

Performance and Safety Features

  • Rugged replaceable single piece contact section (nose), built to withstand the harsh ramp environment 
  • Built-in thermal protection to detect and disconnect output power in an overtemp situation 
  • Built-in lost neutral detection will disconnect output power should the cables neutral conductor break 
  • Modular design with replaceable sealed modular control switches for quick changes on the ramp 
  • Molded strain relief provides added strength for longer life

The Hall 400Hz Aircraft Ground Power Cable offers redundant thermal protection in the replaceable nose and in the connector along with lost neutral protection down the entire cable length making this one of the safest 400Hz cable assemblies available today.            



Power Conductors
6 each awg #4
Neutral Conductor
1 each awg #1
Control Conductors
4 x 3 awg #18
Control Conductors
2 x tp awg #18
Voltage Rating
600 vac
Current Rating
260 amperes
Temperature Range
-55°C to 90°C
1.65 inches
Bending Radius
10 inches*
Voltage Unbalance
.02 Volts*
Voltage Drop
2.1 Volts*
Weight Per Foot
2.1 lbs
Jacket Material
Reinforced Neoprene
* At 90kVA, 0.8 power factor on 60 foot cable