Doing Business

Customer Service

Hall Industries takes pride in our customer service.  Our success is based on building and maintaining long term relationships.  We are successful when you are successful.  Many of our customers have been working with us for 20+ years.  A dedicated single point of contact project manager is assigned to each customers project.


Hall Industries has maintained success by providing consistent quality year in and year out.  We take great pride in rigorously adhering to your drawings stated tolerances, material specifications and additional process requirements such as welding, straightening, heat treating, plating, painting, tumbling and packaging.  Our in-house engineers can also examine your application and function to suggest changes that may increase performance as well as lower costs.

Our quality department is staffed by highly trained and experienced personnel familiar with the service and quality requirements common to high volume manufacturing, such as found in the automotive industry.  We are ISO 9002:1994 compliant and support statistical process control (SPC) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) initiatives.  We are annually audited by several of our Fortune 500 companies and pass every year.  Our machine operators are trained and managed to support these processes when required.  Our equipment is state of the art and is maintained in top working condition.  All equipment is regularly calibrated and is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards, as required by our quality assurance manual.  We have a variety of equipment including coordinate measuring machine, optical comparators, hardness testers, surface finish testers and a variety of dimensional check tools.

On Time Delivery

Hall Industries recognizes that value = quality parts delivered on time at a competitive price.  We are committed to meeting your delivery requirements.  If we can’t meet a delivery deadline we won’t take the order.  We believe that honest communication is better than a broken promise.  We are flexible and will always do our best to adapt to changes to delivery schedule.  We will maintain an inventory of parts for long term blanket orders to support same-day shipment of critical parts.

Competitive Pricing

Hall Industries continues to invest in the latest equipment, technology and our people.  This is our competitive edge allowing us to offer market pricing with market beating service.  We often work with our customers to reduce costs by understanding the application and suggesting changes that reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining functionality.

Value Added Services

Inventory Management – Hall Industries has a dedicated warehouse area where we can inventory your components & assemblies under a blanket purchase order to support your Just-In-Time and Lean manufacturing initiatives.  We currently inventory over 1,500 parts for several multi-national firms giving us same-day shipment capabilities upon release.

Online Order Tracking – Hall Industries utilizes GlobalShop ERP software that allows us to offer a dedicated, secure website where you can track the status of your order through our shop.  Please call 724-752-2000 for more information and to arrange a demonstration.

Packaging & Shipping – Hall Industries is pleased to support your specialized packaging and shipping requirements.  From anti-corrosion paper to dessicants and custom, reusable packing we will work closely with you to ensure that your parts are in perfect condition when they are unpacked for use.

Labeling – Hall Industries has in-house CNC engraving capabilities for direct piece marking and is pleased to support other part or lot labeling requirements.  Need something special?  Just ask.  Customized service is our standard.


Request For Quote

Please call 724-752-2000 to discuss your requirements or send us an email.  We can work with hand sketches and 2D & 3D CAD drawings and models (AutoCAD & Solidworks native).  Please provide required quantity (per order if ongoing), material(s), surface finish requirements, and any additional required processes such as welding, heat treating, tumbling, plating, anodizing, and painting.  Also please specify any special packaging or shipping requirements.

To request a quote, please contact us at

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Hall Industries accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express. We also offer net 30 commercial terms with credit approval.